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KPI Ninja helps healthcare institutions deliver better outcomes with a good dose of analytics. Talk to a Ninja Advisor to find out how we can boost your performance. Schedule a Demo
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Our portfolio of cutting-edge analytics solutions helps healthcare organizations become agile and efficient. A shorter implementation cycle means that you will start seeing benefits in a matter of weeks.

Health Information Exchanges

Aiding HIEs transition from intermediaries to population health enablers.


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The Interoperability Solution You've Been Waiting For

No more partial, disconnected view of your patients.
Ninja Universe integrates various data sets to give you the complete picture.

Ninja Universe - The Platform That Makes It All Possible

Ninja Universe interprets all data sources into comprehensive and actionable dashboards, with more than 20 applications designed to support the diverse needs of health care and its patients.

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We work with healthcare organizations of all stripes and sizes to help them use analytics to transform their operations and deliver high-quality care.

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KPI Ninja is a leader in healthcare analytics and performance improvement. We accelerate the achievement of strategic goals through a better means of managing key performance indicators. We partner with Health Information Exchange (HIE) companies, Health Systems, Critical Access Hospitals, Clinics, and Direct Primary Care (DPC) organizations.

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