Quality Analytics

Improve quality and comply with Quality Payment Program reporting requirements

The Quality Payment Program requires healthcare organizations to earn payment adjustments based on performance. To improve quality and thrive in the new environment, organizations need an analytics solution that helps them closely track performance and see where they can do better. Given that administrative costs already account for 60 cents of every dollar earned, it is important that they do not spend a lot of money on acquiring analytics capabilities.

Quality Analytics helps organizations automate QPM-compliant reporting in a quick and hassle-free manner. We help companies integrate EHR and other health data to run actionable analytics. Practices can monitor their performance on a wide array of quality measures in real-time and see which areas need improvement. By breaking down data to the individual patient and physician level, organizations can enjoy complete visibility into their performance at a granular level.

Automated reporting allows healthcare organizations to generate scheduled reports on over 270 measures. Organizations can build several standard and custom reports on performance that help them comply with MIPS and APM requirements. Our dedicated Ninja Advisors work with you to understand your data landscape, integrate fragmented data sources, and generate predictive analytics that help improve quality.



Integrate multiple data sources to create a comprehensive dashboard of quality metrics


Use advanced data-filtering capabilities to view performance data at a patient and physician level


Meet with the reporting requirements of the Quality Payment Program (QPP)

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