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Create a data-driven, team-based and patient-centered performance improvement culture

Healthcare organizations are under pressure to deliver better results. The traditional fee-for-service models are making way for value-based systems where payments are linked to outcomes. Institutions are expected to deliver high standards of care, while simultaneously reining in costs. They need high-performance teams that deliver a differentiated patient experience at every interaction.

Our holistic performance improvement programs enable healthcare organizations to improve quality, reduce costs and eliminate waste. Building on Six Sigma and Lean principles, we help them reduce variability and deliver quality care consistently. We help organizations create an internal clique of performance improvement specialists with our customized training programs. All our engagements are led by people with rich experience in driving transformation programs for healthcare clients.

We meet clients where they are. We assess client preparedness and tailor our approach to match their needs. In addition to performance improvement consulting, we also offer a powerful stack of analytics tools to institutionalize a data-driven continuous improvement culture. This combination of healthcare, performance improvement and technology expertise helps us deliver tangible results. Talk to us today to see how we can help you achieve overall excellence.


Transform culture

Institutionalize a data-driven performance improvement culture across the organization

Improve quality

Reduce variance, eliminate waste and consistently deliver quality care

Drive change

Shift the focus from volumes to value by measuring and improving patient experience

About Us

KPI Ninja is a leader in healthcare analytics and performance improvement. We accelerate the achievement of strategic goals through a better means of managing key performance indicators. We partner with Health Information Exchange (HIE) companies, Health Systems, Critical Access Hospitals, Clinics, and Direct Primary Care (DPC) organizations.

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