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We are on a mission to transform healthcare—with talent, technology and team work

At KPI Ninja, our core purpose is to improve the health in the communities. Everything we do is built around this core. We build software that unleashes the power of analytics to boost efficiency. We also work closely with clients on performance improvement programs that help them contain costs and improve quality. This integrated approach differentiates KPI Ninja and allows us to deliver results that matter.

We are a collegial workplace. We work in small, cross-functional teams where people take ownership of the results. We value diversity of skills and backgrounds. No voice is ever lost in the chorus. We have an inherent bias for action. Ideas leap off our drawing boards and become products quickly. We seek to create an open culture that rewards individual freedom and an entrepreneurial attitude.

We have a world-class technology stack that is trusted by leading healthcare providers. But, we are aware that in a world of rapid change, we can’t stand still. Our technology team is continuously building innovative solutions for complex healthcare problems using analytics and artificial intelligence. We are always on the lookout for the best ninja advisors, architects, programmers and data scientists.

We strive to have the best products and offerings. The only way to do it is by having the best and brightest join us in our mission to transform healthcare. We believe in sharing the rewards equitably, so at KPI Ninja, the pay is competitive, and the perks are great. Whether you are a rookie programmer or an experienced architect, we would love to explore how you can help us make a difference. For US opportunities Apply Here. For India opportunities Apply Here.

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About Us

KPI Ninja is a mission-driven company that offers technology solutions that enable and empower those that work in the health care enterprise. Our innovative products are renowned for their powerful capabilities, flexible configurations, and comprehensive applications to truly fulfill the promise of data-driven health care.