Data Aggregator Validation (DAV)

KPI Ninja is participating as a Data Partner to help Health Information Exchanges achieve NCQA DAV status easier and faster

What is the DAV Program?

NCQA’s new Data Aggregator Validation (DAV) program validates that data aggregators (i.e. HIEs) that collect electronic health data from one or more sources follow regulations and protocols for the data to be used as standard supplemental data for HEDIS® reporting.

HIEs that provide DAV-validated data can help reduce or eliminate the burden of primary source verification by providing data that is considered standard supplemental data.

Aggregator and data

The Incredible Opportunity For HIEs

The Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS®) is a set of measures designed to gauge the quality of health care services. HEDIS is arguably one of the most important activities that payers engage in because measure rates dictate financial rates and the exchange of millions of dollars. Payers want as much data as possible about their insured patients but including electronic health data is supplemental data and requires a time and resource intensive process called primary source verification to assure the data is valid. By providing DAV-validated data, you can reduce or eliminate the burden of primary source verification by providing data that is considered standard supplemental data. The visual above displays the three components the DAV will validate to assure the data can be used for HEDIS.

"KPI Ninja wants HIEs to be at the center of our future health care system. Uniquely, they have expertise in both interoperability and value-based care to support the growing data needs of our participants, including being an instrumental partner in our pursuit of NCQA DAV status"

- Steve Rottmann, COO at WISHIN

NCQA the power of validated health data

The Power of Validated Health Data

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How KPI Ninja Helps You

We not only help you meet standards to achieve DAV status easier, but we also enhance your ability to offer complex services that meet all of your participants’ diverse data needs
  • Agnostic data ingestion including HL7v2, v3/CCD, FHIR, QRDAI/III, 82+ built-in connectors (40+ EMRs), flat files, claims and more
  • Data enhancements with a robust terminology server and customized normalizations
  • Ability to generate the CCD output to NCQA’s Implementation Guide specifications
  • As needed, support the creation of a Clinical Data Repository which acts as the foundational layer for the DAV program requirements
  • Have a trusted partner that understands the DAV program to support your success
  • Support your data quality improvements with data profiling, lineage, and governance
  • Leverage our relationships with NCQA, SHIEC and numerous HIEs for peer-to-peer learning
  • This is just one offering within our comprehensive suite of interoperability and population health services

At the completion of the cohort, KPI Ninja will be certified for certain standards within the program, showing we are a good partner to support organizations that want to get data streams validated by NCQA. The standards for which KPI Ninja will be certified in will be portable, which means customers of KPI Ninja wishing to get data streams validated will have a reduced lift during the Data Aggregator Validation process.

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