The cornerstone of our commitment to you is our trusted brand. From the ingestion of health information to the delivery of analytics, our conformance to privacy and security standards coupled with proven usability provides the foundation for excellence in our platform. Explore our certifications to learn more about how we are providing a comprehensive technology platform to solve the most complex and demanding health care data needs.


NCQA eCQM Certification

KPI Ninja is NCQA-Certified for 14 measures for eCQM released May 2018, Ninja Universe.

NCQA’s eCQM Certification is precise, automated testing that verifies compliance with eCQM specifications and the ability to report eCQMs using the Quality Reporting Document Architecture (QRDA) Categories I and III. Automating testing logic increases the rigor of measure review and improves the accuracy of reporting measures that are based on complex software logic.

  • Health plans can save time and money by using NCQA-certified logic to produce standard supplemental data for Health Effectiveness Data Information Set (HEDIS) reporting, a requirement of Health Plan Accreditation.
  • Eligible providers and hospitals can use validated logic to use in reporting quality measures to CMS for the Quality Payment Program, as well as NCQA’s Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH).
  • CMS 139 Falls: Screening for Future Fall Risk
  • CMS 146 Appropriate Testing for Children
    with Pharyngitis
  • CMS 153 Chlamydia Screening for Women
  • CMS 154 Appropriate Treatment for Children
    with Upper Respiratory Infection (URI)
  • CMS 155 Weight Assessment and Counseling for
    Nutrition and Physical Activity for Children and Adolescents
  • CMS 159 Depression Remission at Twelve Months
  • CMS 165 Controlling High Blood Pressure

updated February 2020

"We are thrilled to see KPI Ninja obtain this recognition. KPI Ninja was key to the success of helping us become the first HIE in the country to earn NCQA eCQM Certification and prove that HIEs are best positioned to be a key enabler of population health and value-based initiatives across the country. We have first-hand witnessed their commitment to helping us achieve our strategic goals. By achieving this recognition, KPI Ninja is further demonstrating their commitment to our population health journey and the value we offer to our member organizations and communities."

Jaime Bland, NEHII

Jaime Bland, CEO, NEHII


NCQA 2017 Patient-Centered Medical Home Prevalidation

KPI Ninja’s Ninja Universe is prevalidated by NCQA for 22 PCMH Criteria areas totaling 29 transfer credit components plus practice support for an additional 19 components toward NCQA’s PCMH 2017 scoring.

NCQA’s PCMH Prevalidation includes a rigorous evaluation of a submitted health IT solution’s functionality including but not limited to, reporting functions, report examples, screen shots, live demonstrations and other relevant documentation. Based on the review of information submitted above, NCQA approves or declines autocredit based on PCMH factor-level requirements and designates for which factors a product is able to “support” practices.

"We are very excited to see our partner, KPI Ninja, achieve this recognition. Their analytics platform has allowed us to improve outcomes and efficiency by reducing the amount of manual abstraction required. Through this we have been able to build the trust of our providers and have focused on improving quality outcomes for our community. By achieving Prevalidation, KPI Ninja is further demonstrating their commitment to our value-based care journey and helping to improve our operations and ability to easily show the value we offer to our patients and communities."

Tyler Toline, Franciscan Care Services

Tyler Toline, President/CEO, Franciscan Care Services, Inc.


NCQA Patient-Centered Specialty Practice Prevalidation

NCQA’s PCSP Prevalidation evaluates Electronic Health Record systems, advanced registries, population health management tools, care coordination tools, patient engagement tools and other related health technology solutions providing functionality that completely meet or support factor-level requirements within applicable NCQA PCSP Standards.

If a health IT solution completely meets the functional requirements of a given factor, automatic credit, “autocredit” points are awarded. If the health IT solution provides significant functionality that aligns with the requirements of the PCMH standards for a given factor, but does not fully meet the factor level requirement, a “supporting” designation is awarded. Once a solution receives autocredit or a supporting designation for one or more factors, it is considered “Prevalidated.” Practices that use an NCQA Prevalidated system with autocredit awarded to a factor do not have to submit documentation for that associated factor within their PCSP] Survey.

"Whether you are an independent provider or a large health plan, measuring and improving quality impacts all of us in health care. KPI Ninja is the only vendor to hold NCQA’s eCQM Certification as well as PCMH and PCSP Prevalidation status. This level of recognition communicates their deep commitment and robust capability to support value-based care and leave a footprint in the health care landscape."

Rick Moore, National Committee for Quality Assurance

Rick Moore, CIO, NCQA


NCQA Measure Certification

KPI Ninja's Ninja Universe is NCQA Certified for HEDIS® Health Plan 2020

NCQA’s HEDIS Health Plan Measure Certification℠ is precise, automated testing that verifies compliance with HEDIS Specifications.The program’s automated testing processes increase the rigor of a HEDIS measure review and improve measures’ accuracy. Certification helps health plans and other reporting organizations find vendors that can help them meet their reporting goals.

  • “HEDIS Health Plan Certified Measures℠ is a service mark of the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)”
  • “The Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS®) is a registered trademark of NCQA.”

"We are excited to hear of this recognition. With validated technology coupled with value-based program alignment, KPI Ninja will be in a great position to continue our ambitious partnership to continue proving the concept that Health Information Exchanges are best positioned to accelerate the success of value-based care initiatives"

Jaime Bland, NEHII

Jaime Bland, CEO, NEHII

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