SEngage Experience Ninja

Deliver an improved patient experience with a powerful analytics solution

The long-heralded patient-centered healthcare has finally arrived. Healthcare institutions of all sizes are working on tracking and improving patient experience continuously. For those that get it right, the upside is significant. About half of the patients are willing to pay more for a better experience. An improved patient experience is also strongly correlated with growth and profitability.

SEngage helps healthcare organizations measure patient experience through quick electronic interviews. By focusing interviews on what matters most for patient experience and weighing the responses appropriately, healthcare institutions can get a clear sense of how they can differentiate themselves from other providers. Built-in analytics visually depict patient experience data for clinical improvement, payer negotiations, market development and reputation management.

With customizable questionnaires, care providers can seek feedback on a host of factors that have a bearing on patient experience. They can also drill down to see how they are performing on a specific aspect of care (level of awareness of patient’s medical history, for example). With relevant data and actionable analytics, providers can see how they can improve patient care and manage their reputation.


Instant feedback

Receive patient feedback quickly and easily with automated feedback questionnaires

Customizable questionnaires

Measure and improve on areas that have a strong impact on patient experience

Built-in analytics

Benefit from actionable insights into what your patients feel about the care you provide

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KPI Ninja is a mission-driven company that offers technology solutions that enable and empower those that work in the health care enterprise. Our innovative products are renowned for their powerful capabilities, flexible configurations, and comprehensive applications to truly fulfill the promise of data-driven health care.