Health Information Exchanges

Supporting HIEs Transition from Transactional Intermediaries to Population Health Enablers


With healthcare transitioning from fee-for-service to value-based care, there is an increasing demand on the HIEs from the providers and payors to support them around the different population health and value-based initiatives. Building a comprehensive population health management infrastructure to support the diverse needs of its members for the HIEs require expertise around several value-based programs and persistent focus to improve data quality.

KPI Ninja, through its innovative technology platform, Ninja Universe, is partnering with HIEs to support its members to meet their population health and value-based payment goals.

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Ninja Universe, our technology platform, is a data source agnostic big data driven analytics platform with more than 20 applications designed to support the diverse needs of HIE and its members.

Data Integration

  • Ability to ingest, aggregate, and analyze data from varied data sources like HIE, PDMP, Hl7 V2, CCDs, QRDA I & III, APIs, FHIR, claims, pharmacy, patient experience, virtual communication, flat files, etc.
  • 64+ Built-in connectors (40+ EMRs).

Value-based Program Alignment

  • Support several different value-based programs like MIPS, MSSP, CPC+, PCMH, Medicaid, HEDIS, Bundled payment programs, etc.
  • Ability to report to CMS for MIPS and CPC+ through API integrations to ease the provider burden

Improve Data Quality

  1. Built-in data profiling, data quality assessment, cleansing, and enrichment

Audit Capabilities

  1. Track every minute detail of user activity to mitigate threats.

Population Health Management

  • Provider and payor facing apps like readmissions, utilization, chronic conditions, etc. to support several population health initiatives
  • NCQA certified eMeasures to support payors for HEDIS supplemental data
  • Built-in Johns Hopkins ACG risk stratification model with hundreds of clinical markers


Our Certifications are acquired to better serve you. These programs help to demonstrate product functionality supporting NCQA evaluation standards.

NCQA PCMH Prevalidation

Our Prevalidation is awarded because our technology supports the following areas:

  • Team-based care.
  • Understanding and management of patients.
  • Access and communication.
  • Care management
  • Care Coordination.
  • Performance measurement and improvement.

NCQA eMeasure (eCQM) Certification

Our Certification is awarded because our technology supports the following areas:

  • Demonstrates accuracy.
  • Ensures data integrity.
  • Reduces burden while improving data quality.
  • Performance measurement and improvement.

Health Information Exchange Earns eMeasure Certification

Our analytics partners, KPI Ninja, were key in the success of this project.

- Jaime Bland, CEO NEHII

NEHII, is the first Health Information Exchange to face NCQA’s eMeasure testing laboratory. With the help of KPI Ninja, NEHII’s technology vendor, they achieved a first of its kind, an HIE obtaining the NCQA eMeasure Certification. This is a stride forward in the race to improve quality measurement. The aim is to make health information easier to collect, in a more immediate fashion. We want to be sure the information is accurate and relevant—that it can inform better care for those it’s meant to serve. Patients. People.”

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KPI Ninja is a leader in healthcare analytics and performance improvement. We accelerate the achievement of strategic goals through a better means of managing key performance indicators. We partner with Health Information Exchange (HIE) companies, Health Systems, Critical Access Hospitals, Clinics, and Direct Primary Care (DPC) organizations.

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