In the Direct Primary Care (DPC) model, providers contract directly with patients and employers. As these practices grow, some of the challenges they face include:

  • Better managing patient engagement and population health
  • Providing the highest level of quality and service to patients
  • Measuring and demonstrating the value proposition for employers and communities
  • Business development and operations

KPI Ninja, through its innovative technology platform, DPC 360, is partnering with DPCs across the country to run data-driven practices. Allowing partners to track and communicateimproved outcomes across cost, quality of care, operations, and business development.

DPC 360

DPC 360 ingests data from EMRs, virtual communication applications, billing, claims, pharmacy, patient satisfaction surveys, biometrics, and employers to provide a holistic view at the patient, practice, provider, and employer level.


Enterprise-wide Master Patient Index (EMPI)

  1. Creates a unique patient record by identifying, matching, merging, de-duplicating, and cleansing the patient records.

Data Integration

  • Integrate with Hint, Elation, and Spruce in less than 2 days.
  • 64+ Built-in connectors (40+ EMRs).

DPC Insights

  • On the Membership Dashboard you can quickly see total number of members, practices and providers.
  • Easily adjust your view to see focused information on any metric.

Predictive Analytics

  1. See chronic condition prevalence, retention rate of members and financials. All to help you be proactive in care and management.

Patient 360

  1. Where all data sources come together to give you a 360 view of any patient.

Employer Scorecards

  1. Provides employers with the data they find meaningful such as, clinical utilization, cost savings and chronic conditions.

Audit Capabilities

  1. Track every minute detail of user activity to mitigate threats.


Analyze historical claims data for self-insured employers utilizing proprietary algorithms to identify cost savings and quality improvement opportunity.

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