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We work with healthcare organizations of all stripes and sizes to help them use analytics to transform their operations and deliver high-quality care.

Drive performance with actionable insights

Our portfolio of cutting-edge analytics solutions helps healthcare organizations become agile and efficient. Designed to reflect our belief in simplicity, our solutions are easy to use and get used to. A shorter implementation cycle means that you will start seeing benefits in a matter of weeks.

Integrated Data Lake

Generate actionable insights by collecting and storing any type of data at scale from across multiple datasets in your organization.

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Population Health

From identifying social determinants of health to measuring health outcomes, let data drive all aspects of the population health movement.

Quality Reporting

Accelerate performance improvement with standard reports for outcomes, cost savings, and claims—including prebuilt measures for NQF, CMS, ACO, HEDIS®, PQRS and GPRO.

HEDIS® is a registered trademark of the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)
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Ninja Universe

Schedule a demo with our Ninja Advisors to discover how you can use advance analytics to accelerate your performance.

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Ninja Advisors

We don’t merely offer software. Instead, a dedicated Ninja Advisor works with you to drive tangible performance improvements by drawing on the power of analytics. We bring performance improvement expertise and cutting-edge tools to deliver results.

What Our Clients Say

Listen to what our customers say about us

"KPI Ninja has greatly improved our ability as an organization to improve the lives of our patients, while striving to meet the population health measures required my MIPS."

Heather GannQuality Director / Horn Memorial Hospital

"KPI Ninja has been a true game-changer in moving our organization to the forefront of data analytics in Direct Primary Care. "

Lisa FisherDirector—Operations / Strada Healthcare

"The team at KPI Ninja has done a phenomenal job of assessing our organization’s level of readiness as well as guided our early efforts to improve data visibility."

John Findley, MDChief Medical Officer / Beatrice Community Hospital

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